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Journalist/ Writer. 

Leicester, England.

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Born in Leicester, England on March 1997. Raised in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Graduated from De Montfort University in 2020. 

How I Work

My favourite process of working is through heavy research from reading books to watching documentaries. It's all about learning, learning, and more learning.

My Ethos

Having the most authentic voice and reporting what's right and not what is considered best.

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Meghan Markle and media misogynoir: How the UK media perpetuates colonial narratives

The death of George Floyd on May 25th 2020 sparked international outrage and catalysed a series of protests around the world. Here in the United Kingdom, black Britons like myself were once again outraged by the unbroken system of institutional racism that continues in our societies.

But the British mainstream media was ‘oddly’ shocked by such thunderous reactions from black and brown minorities, with many such outlets claiming the Black Lives Matter movement was now having its “#MeToo moment”.

6. 2020 Was a S*** Show So We Made a Random Awards Show

Listen to this episode from The Musfits Podcast on Spotify. Could 2020 possibly be the worst year ever?: In this sixth and final episode of 2020, Sagal and Assiah host the first annual Musfits Awards- an awards show that really no one asked for. The girls revisit their own highs and lows of throughout the year in honour of tonight's New Years Eve and present the nominees and winners of every category of The Musfits Awards in dishonour of the most reviled year since... forever.  --- Support th

The Secret Life of a Muslim in Lockdown: Living With My Chinese Family

Assiah Hamed conducted this interview and Adam* has been used to give anonymity

How one person’s account of secretly practicing Islam in a Chinese household during lockdown illustrates some of the struggles of Muslim reverts.

This is the case for 21-year-old university student Adam*, who has requested to remain anonymous.

He has kept a yearlong secret from his family and relatives, which has proven to be challenging to hide since the COVID-19 lockdown began on March 23rd 2020 in the UK.

He h

As a Muslim, why finding love may be controversially more difficult than any other person from other religious communities. I discuss the following with my cousin/ confidante Samiha Mohammed, a fellow Muslim woman about the struggles and qualms of the modern day Muslim.
• What are the controversies in dating in Muslim communities and why is it taboo?

S: Dating in the Muslim community is so controversial, especially since free-mixing itself is sinful in our religion. However, I see it now it is

Investigative Journalism MA film- Colourblind: Charity for Sale (JOUR5100)

Produced, written, and directed by Assiah Hamed as part of the 10-15 minute assignment submitted in September 2020 as part of the Investigative Journalism MA at De Montfort University.

87% of BAME-led charities and volunteer centres are found to have insufficient reserves that can only last any more than three months. BAME organisations and volunteer centres are now at higher risk of closure as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, according to The Ubele Initiative.

Assiah Hamed investigates how a lack of long-term sustainable funding has disproportionately impacted BAME-led charities in the sector that will cease to function amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Small local BAME charities are likely to permanently lose resources that will aid marginalised communities in the long run.

Many thanks to the contributors who featured in this film: Harjit Sandhu, Kirit Mistry, Fitzroy Fearon, Kadra Abdinasir, and Oliver Williams.

Thank you so much for watching and feedback would be extremely appreciated- I hope you enjoyed this final project for my MA!

Video: Market traders frozen out by online shopping this Christmas

Report by Luke Williamson, Video by Cara Nott, Assiah Hamed and Holly Kirkpatrick.

Leicester Market stallholders have been left in the cold this Christmas as more shoppers choose to purchase goods online instead.

Traders have claimed that, as the years have passed, the number of buyers and vendors has decreased as the popularity in online shopping has increased.

The value of e-commerce in the UK would reach €200 billion by the end of 2019, which would be an increase of 14.6 per cent, accordin

Meet some of Leicester's most inspiring residents

This month marks the 30th anniversary of Black History Month in the UK, which aims to shine light upon the undeniable impact of Afro-Caribbean diaspora in Britain, writes journalism student Assiah Hamed.

Here in Leicester, countless influential black men and women are making exceptional contributions in art, music, politics, education and all other areas of life, breaking down walls and boundaries wherever they continue to exist.

Here are just some of the people making a difference in Leiceste